Shelby Terlingua Prototype For Sale !

Shelby drivers Tom Yeager, Bob Bondurant with Carroll Shelby and Bill Neale with 2P.  More photos below.

Shelby prototype vehicles rarely come up for sale – essentially because so very few were ever actually made.  This Shelby is one of them.  Shelby Terlingua #2 Prototype is up for sale and it’s a once in a lifetime chance to own one of the most sought after Shelby Mustangs ever built – period!

This particular Shelby Terlingua was the workhorse of the Terlingua program appearing at shows and events across the U.S. and in numerous Shelby advertisements.  Finished in screaming yellow with black accents, it represents the very personification of the Terlingua brand itself.

Shelby Terlingua 2P is the only Shelby to appear in two Shelby commercials and was used extensively for by Shelby for promotional purposes.

Originally sold in Taylor, Michigan, 2P was shipped from Wyandotte, Michigan to Shelby American in Las Vegas, Nevada in June 2008.  Shelby completed Terlingua 2P build on 20 July 2008 and it made its debut in Park City, Utah.  From there, it was sent to the 2008 Shelby Terlingua Bull Run in Terlingua, Texas and numerous events thereafter.

Shelby Number:
07TRT0002P (see photo)

Ford Motor Company Build Data:
Receipt Date: 3/23/2006
Serialize Date: 3/27/2006
Segment Date: 3/27/2006
Sequence Date: 4/26/2006
Blend Date: 5/5/2006
Produced Date: 5/13/2006
Gate Release Date: 5/13/2006
Ship Date: 5/15/2006
Arrival Date: 5/18/2006
Sold Date: 7/14/2006

Original owner: 2006-2008
Current owner: 2008-

The 2nd Shelby advertisement featuring Terlingua 2P

Build Figures
A total of 39 Shelby Terlingua models were made for the S197 (2005-2009) program.  Of those, only two were prototypes – one grabber orange and this screaming yellow (2P).  A total of two screaming yellow Shelby Terlinguas were made, only one was a prototype and it’s the only one of the two with a manual transmission.

2008-2012: Shelby American. Las Vegas, NV.
2012-2018: Michael Berardi Collection.  Taylor, MI.
2019: Orlando, Florida.

Asking $124,000/ Offer / Contact us here for more.

We’re not offering ride and drives or photo shoots, etc. – if you’d like to come see it, a deposit is required beforehand, which means serious inquiries only.

Shelby 2P is located in the Orlando, Fla. area.

Asking $124,000 / offer / Contact us here for more.